About Me

I am a Generation X (like how I avoided my actual age) Mother of two and Nana of two little little girls. I enjoy crafts and creating things, yet I’ve never described myself as creative. I like to follow logic and patterns, but somehow I’ve managed to mix it all up in the things I do. I started with crocheting when I was a little kid (taught by my Mother), added knitting when I was in high school (I really wanted to make a sweater, so I checked an instruction book out of the library), added in sewing of clothes when my girls were young, and switched to dolls, beading and a quilt even when they got older. A few years ago I added brewing brewing beer. When I’m not trying to make something, I’m trying to improve myself through running, weight lifting (not as much as I should) and reading. Plus, I work full time at a place I enjoy and feel like I make a difference. So, I am quite busy, but I enjoy it!