A little bit of jewelry

March 19, 2015

I had a couple of days off (right after being sick, which was not fun), so I decided to do a little bit of beading.
First, I put together a few purple beads on some memory wire.


My first thought is that I wish I had purchased the larger size wire! This fits my wrist, but I have to twist it on. My second thought is that it’s a bit too uniform. But it was simple to do, it doesn’t look bad, and I’m using my over abundance of beads!
Next, I worked on some earrings I had been wanting to put together.


I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out. I just need to let the glue dry on the knots before I wear them.
I’m also slowly working on my next band bracelet.


I’m making progress, just not very quickly!
I now need to decide if I’m going to work some more on the band, start a new macrame bracelet, or just go read 😉

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