Dragon Bracelet

January 29, 2015

I finally finished a bracelet I’ve been working on since before the holidays.


I worked on it quite a bit before Christmas and just didn’t have time to finish it with the other gifts I was working on. It got put aside, and then last weekend I pulled out my old projects to get started back up again. I was making this for my youngest daughter, and realized I was going to see her the next day. So I worked hard on it. Finished it. Glued the end pieces. And then forgot to bring it to her! Now it’s sitting on the top of my jewelry box hoping I’ll remember to bring it next time I see her. Okay, I’m hoping I remember to bring it!

Next up is a pair of earrings for myself and a cowl made of mohair and silk yarn that I just ordered online today. More pictures to come!

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