Macramé Bracelet

July 26, 2014

I went on yet another supplies shopping trip! Except this time, since I had some time off of work, I went to my local bead store. I have to say the person there was very helpful. I bought a few supplies, and discussed some upcoming classes (most notably finding out more than a day in advance so I can plan my time off work if possible). I also talked to her about some of the YouTube tutorials I’ve been watching. A few of them discussed using a burning tool. I have to say, being out of a craft for a few years you find *a lot* of new tools when you come back! Anyhow, they were out of the tool, but told me to try Hobby Lobby with a coupon. I did that, and was quite appreciative of the referral. I did buy some nice beads and the Chinese knotting cord that I used to make a macrame bracelet. My first try I strung the same beads on three different cords to macrame around.

First try on my macrame bracelet.

But I quickly found that I did not have enough of those beads. After three separate trips to buy beads, I was not ready to go back out yet again before finishing something! So, I found some little owl beads that I just bought, and decided to try those down the middle of the bracelet.

Finished bracelet.

Here is a close up of that shows the owl beads a bit better.


Close up of the bracelet.

I was a bit nervous when I finished this because I had to cut the cord close to the last knot, and then burn the edge enough to push it down into the other cord. I am an over-knotter (if there is such a thing!) and it makes me nervous not to have a lot of knots. But, I let it dry and  tried to pull it apart and it seems to have held! So I’m fairly happy with most of the bracelet. The only thing I don’t like is that I thought at the beginning I should do a loop and bead closure, which means I started with a smaller loop at the top. But when I finished, the loop was just a little too big for that, but too small to do a typical macrame closure. I fixed it as best as I could, and I think it will be okay. I do like the owls next to those beads, so I will wear it!

I also bought some more decorations for my art room (as long as I was at Hobby Lobby and they had a sale).

Art room art.

It’s hard to see the larger pictures, but they have sayings about hopes and dreams. And I bought a bunch of butterflies to put around as well. It all goes within my color theme. Now all I’m missing is my fairy picture to be hung by my husband. That’s on his honey-do list for this weekend, but we’ll see how that goes!

I believe I’m fairly well set up in my room now. The decorations make me smile, and I have a lot of supplies now to do a few of the tutorials that I have been watching. So it’s time now to try those other new techniques. I’m sure I’ll have more pictures to post soon!

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