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August 1, 2014

With the few days I had off of work, and that I actually was home and not out of town, I learned a few more beading techniques and played around a bit with some of the beads I have.

When I sat down and actually looked at all of my beads, it seemed like a lot. But when I went to make something, I didn’t have enough of this bead or that bead. In the future, when I see a bead I like I think I need to buy 3-4 times what I have been buying. It’s kind of like yarn. I’ll see something I really like and buy a few, but it’s not enough to do more than a simple scarf or small hat. I know better, but in the moment I seem to want one of this one. . .maybe two of that one. . .which amounts to a lot of a bunch of mismatched beads!

Anyhow, I was able to do a few new items this last week. Plus, I have a list of supplies I want to buy and hopefully a class to sign up for next week. I’ll post about it if I’m able to get in!

On to my first piece!

I didn’t macramé this except for the clasp. I saw these beads and thought of my older daughter and I put together something rather quickly that I thought she would think is fun. I have plans to use one more of these beads for an accent in another bracelet.


Wrap bracelet with edging


Heather's green wrap bracelet.

These two wrap bracelets I made as my other one a couple of weeks ago, but with an extra seed bead edge. I saw this done at my local bead store and thought it looked wonderful so I had to try it! I’m having a bit of trouble with the spacing, but I’m going to make some more to practice.

Believe it or not, that top one is a vibrant purple. I showed the picture to my husband (the one I’m still waiting for a logo bar from), and he suggested I buy a light box. After a bit of research I found a set for a decent price that I plan to order with my next paycheck. I do have to space these things out just a little bit! I’ll post pictures of my set, and then some before and after pictures once I do get it later this month.

The second one is a green and black one I did for my younger daughter. It’s actually a pretty dark green. Again, I’m looking forward to that light box!

That’s about all I have finished so far. I do have a few I’m in the middle of for my granddaughter, but now that I’m back at work it has just been too hot to sit upstairs in my art room and finish them. Even my dog is overheated. This is him resting on the open stairs yesterday. It will be better next week because he got a bath and fur trim today!


Zeus cooling off on the stairs.

I’ll be doing more this weekend, and then maybe starting a new hat (knitting) that I can take with me to work on at lunch. We’ll see how it goes this weekend!

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