August 14, 2014

My husband took me to one of my new favorite stores this past weekend. . . Harbor Freight! I’m sure I needed quite a lot of the items in that store. Okay, now I sound like my Granddaughter. So, I may not need the items, but I sure wanted them! He actually took me in there to buy me a large container to store my beads, that and I had a coupon. Now so far everyone that I’ve told that I went to Harbor Freight with a coupon said to me, “did you get your free flashlight?” Apparently that is the biggest free giveaway there. But no, this time there was not a coupon for that. But, I got a free multimeter. Now you may be asking what I need that for. At this point I don’t need it, but I was starting to look into some simple electronics to help make a steampunk arm thingy for my daughter and I kept reading about using one. . . and it was free! As soon as I got home I put an electronics book on hold at the library. There may be a post about that in the future, or I may be onto something else!




In the meantime, I have my nice new storage case that I spent a couple of hours organizing so I can take it to my beading class this week. And while I was able to organize a lot, and found a lot of older supplies I need to replace, there still want room for everything. In particular, my seed beads. But I found a a wonderful seed bead storage container for a decent price on Amazon and put that on my wish list to buy with the light box when I get paid again!

It may seem like I spent my last week buying things, but that’s not quite true. I did teach my older daughter to make a wrap bracelet (I did buy some inexpensive beads for her to use since hers are in storage), I got together my supplies for my bead embroidery class (I only had to buy a few things for that), and practiced bead weaving with some older seed beads. So I was slightly productive. But I’ve also been catching up on library books (I just finished “We Were Liars”) and I’ll be making a few pretzel necklaces for the beer festival this weekend. Life is good 🙂

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