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June 14, 2013

Summer is the time for beer festivals. We used to just attend the large Stone Brew celebration in August, but last year we added the Taste of Brews in Riverside. This year we purchased the early bird tickets that let you in an hour before the regular tickets. It sure seems that most people decided to do that as well since the line to enter the event was quite large. But, there were plenty of breweries there with samples to try. There were many IPAs and wheat beers. I did not find any sours. Plus, I think there was maybe one or two new ones, but that was all. It’s possible that maybe my husband and I are more aware of the breweries around the area than we were before, but I’m not sure. Either which way, we had a great time!

Some signs from the Taste of Brews

I took this picture for the Brother Thelonious beer. I didn’t have a taste that day since I’ve had it before, but I had to take a picture!

Great Coaster!

Great Coaster!

I know I have plenty of Stone Brew beer, but we had to stop by their booth and have a taste to pick up a couple of coasters! I gave one to my youngest daughter and brought the other one to work. I know, an odd place to have a beer coaster. But, I use it for my coffee mug, and it’s right next to my Craft Brew coaster!


My husband and me after a few beers!

Of course, we had to take a picture at the event. Like I said, we had a very nice time. Nice people, fairly decent music, good beer. The only thing missing was enough food trucks so you didn’t have to stand in line for 30 minutes. There was some free food at the beginning, but we needed it after an hour or so. But that was my only complaint. We’ll probably go again next year.

The next event that we are attending for sure is the Stone Brewing 17th Anniversary Celebration in August. The tickets have been purchased and are in a safe location until the event! This year they are handling it a bit different, but it still looks to be a great event. Last year we went to The Lost Abbey brewery before the event for a small tasting and breakfast. I sure hope they do that again since it was a great way to kick off the day.

Another upcoming event is the Claremont Blues and Brews (or is it Brews and Blues?) this month. They used to do a wine walk, but I see this year it is a beer event. I’m not sure of what local breweries they are going to have, but it could be interesting. I’m not sure yet if we’ll attend that one or not.

Speaking of Claremont, we went to Claremont Craft Ales last week while waiting to meet someone after work. The first time we went there and tried their beer it was a bit new tasting. What I mean by that is that the beers just didn’t seem like they had enough time to ferment and meld the flavors together. This time was a lot better. I had two beers, but the one I liked best was an oaked red ale. Here is a picture of that (I was having fun working with Instagram when I took this for my profile picture).

Claremont Carft Ages

I think we’ll be going back there again some Friday since they also have various food trucks come in that day as well.

Now to just get back to my own brewing. That stalled a while ago when we made a beer, and then life got in the way and we forgot to bottle it. I need to scrap that, purchase some new supplies and get a good beer fermenting! Maybe another Belgium style, or a hazelnut ale. I’ll have to think about that.

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