Catch-Up Part II – Beer

June 26, 2014

It has been too long since we’ve brewed any new beer. But there are so many good microbreweries popping up that it’s easy to buy some good beer! We’ve been back to Dale Brothers quite a few times. They let you take your dog when you sit outside, so that’s just another wonderful plus for us. We met our daughter there yesterday, and had a couple of beers (I had a really good black cherry sour beer) and some Hillbilly tacos! Very nice. We’ve also been to Claremont Craft Ales a couple times as well, and not just to paint!

There is a somewhat new brewery in Covina called Alosta Brewing. We met my daughter there a few weeks ago, and it happened to be trivia night! Knowing I am very competitive, and have no idea how these trivia nights are handled, I decided to just watch others play. Well, they talked us into playing and I’m glad they did! It was not embarrassing as I was worried if I made a mistake. Papers were handed out to put answers on, questions asked, papers turned in, and scores called out. The hardest part was coming up with a team name. The team called, “Call me Ishmael” won, but I think the funniest name that night was, “The Dingliest of Berries”! We ended up right in the middle of the scoring group, which is not bad for a table of three. We took a selfie (when have I not taken a selfie!) and were photobombed by the couple sitting next to us. The picture is just too funny not to post!

Alosta Brewing Photobomb!

Okay, it’s a bit blurry, but it’s funny! And I have to say the beer was pretty good as well. We’ll be going back there again for both beer and trivia!

I also had a chance to try some local brews in Washington and Canada. I didn’t take any pictures at the local microbrew, or at the Red Hook Brewery where we took a tour, but I did take one at a little pub in Canada!

Me at a pub in Canada!

I was up there with my parents to see my Grandmother for her 90th birthday last month. My parents don’t drink beer, but I’m posting their picture anyhow of them at the pub with me since it’s a nice picture!

Mom and Dad in Canada

And of course we had to try the pountine fries!

Poutine Fries

I know it sounds disgusting how they are made, but I like to try things you can’t always find at your local places. And I’m glad I did!

Now to back home. Just a quick picture of my latest acquisition.

Duvel gift set

Yes, it’s a gift set that includes the glass with the etched on “D” at the bottom. I bought that for our own use. Of course, I also bought something to make Turkish coffee in, but that’s another post! Maybe I should do a coffee post. I have enough odd ways that I like to make coffee (egg drop coffee, French press coffee, cold brew coffee, and now Turkish coffee). But I figure if you are going to enjoy something, find the best way to enjoy it. I’ve been drinking loose leaf tea as well! Yes, I can see that being another whole post of different on specialty drinks!

Oh, and best of all, I have my tickets for the next Stone Brew Anniversary Celebration in August! We almost bought tickets for a brewfest in San Diego at the same time as Comicon. It’s a costume brewfest. As much fun as it sounds, I could not find a decent hotel within 40 miles that was not sold out. So, maybe next year, or maybe I find another one. Either way, I still get to go to the best brewfest in August, and I’m turning my costume thoughts to my mud run in September. But that’s another post as well!

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