Claremont Craft Ale Visit

July 22, 2013

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to Claremont Craft Ales on a Friday night when they had the Grilled Cheese food truck there. Apparently it is a very popular event! The brewery tasting room opens at 4pm, and by the time we got there around 4:45pm there were no tables inside and just a couple outside. We grabbed one of those, even though it was quite warm out. We grabbed a beer, and sat down to rest and relax while waiting for the food truck. By the time it got there (just a bit late), the place was packed! I sent my husband over to stand in line right away. . .well, I asked him to right away, but I didn’t convince him to for another few minutes so he was a distance back in line!

Food truck line - can you see my husband?!

He's right under the arrow!

On the one hand it was almost too crowded to enjoy. My husband bought me a tomato soup to go with my grilled cheese sandwich (yum to both!). Luckily it had a lid because as he left to go get us a refill of beer, someone tried to cut across our little table and chair set and knocked it over! The conversation went something like this (as I quickly picked up my soup):

Slightly drunk guy: Oops, did I do that?
Me: Yes, yes you did.
Slightly drunk guy: Nu-uh, I didn’t really do that!
Me: Yes, you did.
Slightly drunk guy: No way!
Me: Yes, and please leave now!

On the other hand, events that do not draw too many people are not as fun either. I may be odd, but I like the energy of a larger crowd, as long as there are enough supplies (beer and food) to go around. This did border on that edge, enough that I won’t go back when the Grilled Cheese truck is there (or go when they open at 4pm and get a seat inside). But we are going to their one year anniversary celebration this Saturday! The price is right, their beer is good, and I like to spend my fun money supporting the local craft people as much as possible. We’re going to the later session for this one. For Stone (which is next month, yeah!!) we go to the first session since some places do not bring enough of the specialty beers that we love to try. But this time since it is the one place and the only have a handful of selections (which I would think they should have plenty of each), I thought the evening one would be good. Get some good beer tastes, and buy some food from the food trucks that are coming. And if we have a bit much, we can walk down to Starbucks, get a coffee and read a book until the alcohol is out of our system (It’s great to have the Kindle app on my phone!). We may love to drink and try the new beers, but we are very careful about not driving while impaired in even the least little way.

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