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October 23, 2013

Last month we went to my nephew’s wedding. There was not a lot of family from his side in attendance, but what was there was enough to cause the typical problems. I won’t go into them now on a public forum, but instead I’ll focus on the fact that it was an unusual, but very fun wedding! It was on the small side, and no children were invited, so just my daughter’s attended along with my husband and I. Here is a really cute picture of them.


Here is one of my daughter posing. I tried to get my husband to as well, but he just wasn’t paying attention!


And of course the self portraits! I would post the one that includes both of my daughters and myself smiling, but it’s just a horrible picture of me. Since it’s my blog, I will post the one that we are goofing in!


After the wedding my husband and I went to a local bar and grill and had some wonderful micro-brews and appetizers. Then in the morning we walked next door to a local bakery and had a wonderful, and very inexpensive breakfast!


It was a relaxing and fun way to end the weekend! And on a good note, I don’t think we have another family event to attend until. . . well. . . maybe Christmas?!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we did get to go beer tasting the day before the wedding. Was it cut short you ask. Yes. Why you may ask. Well, I’ll leave that to the things about family gatherings that I should not go into! But I was able to take a picture of the brews I tasted at Indian Joe’s Brewery in Vista.


Next time I’ll take better pictures and tasting notes of the places we go to. And I’m sure there will be many more next time!

I’m still on a role updating my make up and trying to buy the latest shades that I think will work for me for the upcoming season. I think it’s like when I started buying nail polish. I bought a lot to start with, and now I buy one here or there as new ones come out and the seasons change. I will admit that as soon as I find the color Payton from Zoya Nail Polish I am buying that one. Not only is the name close to my Granddaughter’s, but the color is just gorgeous!

Back to makeup! I saw a review for a beautiful purplish lipstick (but not too purple for me to wear out) called “Troll Repellent.” How could I resist something that not only has a great name and color, but a good price?! So yes, I bought it! It’s from Morgana’s Cryptoria. Just look at the color from the link! I should have taken a picture of myself wearing it, but I don’t seem to do that too often. Maybe I’ll start trying to do that. . . if it looks okay!

Back to nail polish! I just thought I would share the manicure my Granddaughter helped me with. She picked out the colors and didn’t give me too much time to put them on my nails. But we had fun!


I’ll try to write a bit more often so I’m not putting a bunch of random things in one post!



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