Stone 17th Anniversary Celebration

September 2, 2013

The Stone 17th Anniversary Celebration was actually last month, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it. It’s been a busy time of year for me, but no more excuses!

The always necessary bottle of water and pretzel necklaces!

We first met some friends at The Lost Abbey for their wonderful pre-Stone breakfast and some great beer tasting. Not too much there, but had to try their specials. I should have written down what we tried, since I really liked the one that was conditioned in tequila casks (casks, I think. . .) and had lime. It was wonderful! But then it was on to the Stone event!

This year instead of doing 10 4-oz tastings, they did 15 3-oz tastings. We took our maps and beer listing, and decided to go try the sours first. The gates opened for the festival, and my daughter and I headed straight to Russain River (the guys couldn’t quite keep up and met us a few minutes, and a lot more people in line, later). We’ve both had Pliny the Elder before, and it’s a great beer, but we wanted to try the other one they brought. We were close up to the front in line, and the servers told us that this was the first time they were serving Propitation in Southern California. We had to try that, and it was pretty good!

We then went to The Bruery and tried Bois. As much as I like The Bruery, this was not my favorite beer. It was good, but I like others of their beer a little better. But my thought processes was that I am at a festival with a lot of new beers to try, so it’s best to try as many new ones as possible!

We also tried a few of the Stone collaboration beers as well as some other specialty beers. I always think I am going to take good notes when I go to this celebration, but then end up having way too much fun and trying to later remember the beers we liked. I don’t usually remember them off the top of my head, but I know when we are out to dinner and looking at a beer list (or at the good stores buying some), then I remember which ones I liked and I can make an good choice for the evening!

Last year we went with my daughter and her boyfriend and saw some other friends there. This year we met them at the breakfast, and then met up a few times throughout the festival. Here is a nice picture of the group.

All of us at the Festival, fairly early in the day!

Later on, after having a few beers, I took some pictures of our small group.

My husband and daughter's boyfriend

My daughter and me (love the front facing cameras!)

And of course, a little later on we decided to take a picture of what family was there – my husband, daughter and myself. Even though I have the front facing camera, it was later in the day and pictures were not as easy to frame!

Family picture!

After the festival, we walked to a local restaurant and ate a late lunch while recovering from the wonderful tastings. Of course, I was still taking pictures and sharing beer with my daughter. So of course I have to post this (one of the nicer ones I took)!

Heather at the restaurant

All in all we had a great time! I look forward to this celebration every year, and this was the best one yet!

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