Stone Brew 20th Anniversary Celebration

September 10, 2016

After missing Stone Brew’s anniversary last year, I was not going to miss it this year! I had my tickets in hand and our pretzel necklaces ready to go!

We were accompanied again this year by my youngest daughter and her boyfriend. This nice change for this year’s event is that they had smaller glasses, but unlimited tasting. That meant that you were not worried about “wasting” a taste on something you really didn’t like. And in the long run, I noticed that there were quite a few less drunk people at the end. My husband and I both noted that we drank less, but enjoyed our tastes quite a bit more.

I’m not sure why this year I did not go a bit more prepared though, but I wasn’t. I usually look up the breweries online and pick some new ones to go to first. This year we just kind of wandered around and followed my daughter’s boyfriend to the few places he really wanted to try first. Next year I’m going to research again better, and take better notes for afterwards as well!

stone selfie 2016

But overall we had a lot of fun!

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