Stone Brewing Anniversary Celebration – Rare Beers!

November 4, 2017

The Stone Brewing anniversary celebration was a few months ago. This is one of the few yearly events that I really look forward to. Well, I used to look forward to it with a lot of excitement and gusto. This year I was excited, but just not quite as much. Then, my youngest daughter decided to join us again and talked us into upgrading our tickets to the rare beer section. I have to say, that was a good decision! The ticket gave us 15 tastes in the rare beer section, and still unlimited tastes in the regular section. The price though was double that of the regular ticket.

That is quite a jump in price, but buying those tickets gave us a bit more options. First, there was free food. Not a lot, but what was there was really good. And the beer, there was quite a bit more than we could even try in the rare section. My favorite type of beer is a sour, and there were quite a few really good sours to try. We ended up staying in that section for most of the time, venturing down to the regular celebration maybe a couple of times.

Looking back at the event, it kind of seems to me that the rare beer section is like the full festival used to be 10 years ago. When we first started going, there were so many new beers and new breweries to try that it was fun and different. Now it seems that they have the same beers as the last few years in the main section, and the new and exciting beers are in the rare section.

While I really did enjoy myself, I have to say that I’m not sure I’ll go again next year. Prices go up for what I feel is the same excitement and entertainment. It could be that since it’s not really new and different, the excitement just isn’t there for me. I may feel different next year when it comes time to buy the tickets again, but we’ll see what they offer and how I feel at that time before I purchase the tickets.

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