This page is where I try to keep up with the latest breweries I have either been to, want to go to, or that are going to open hopefully soon. I originally created this page a few years ago (I believe back in 2012). At the time, I wasn’t sure how to really use WordPress beyond the blog posts. Since I used HTML for a long time, I resorted to using that for this page. Now it is quite dated and I’m not sure the best way to update it. All that to say that I’ve finally at least updated the content of the page (May 2016), and I am looking at updating my full WordPress site this summer. So until then, I’ll leave the format in this chunk format below. Hopefully I’ll find a new layout that works well for my blog posts, pictures of my crafts, and my passion for brewing/new brews.

Brewery Name City Street Address Type of brewery Notes and Events
Stone Brewery Escondido 1999 Citracado Parkway Brewery & Bistro Stone Anniversary Celebration! Each year they have wonderful brews that I add to my favorite list. I’m looking forward to any of the barrel aged brews.
The Lost Abbey  San Marcos  155 Mata Way #104 Brewery  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been here as well. I enjoy most of their beers. We’ve gone to one of their release events in 2015, and each year we’ve gone to the Stone Anniversary event we go to the breakfast event at The Lost Abbey. Great way to start the day!
Hangar 24 Redlands  1710 Sessums Dr. Brewery It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I hate to say it, but last time I was here, it was the Orange Wheat. I’ve come a long way!
Last Name Brewing Upland 2120 Porterfield Way Brewery Wednesdays they have Hump Day Happy Hour & Free Trivia with Budds!
Claremont Craft Ales Claremont  1420 N Claremont Blvd #204c Brewery  This is one of my favorite local places. Besides having great tasting beer, they also have good events. Their yoga on tap is a great experience!
Alosta Brewing Covina 692 Arrow Grand Cir Brewery The local brewery from my hometown.
La Verne Brewing La Verne  2125 Wright Ave C-15 Brewery Nice place, nice people. Their “B” Street”Pineapple Blonde is rather good summer brew.
King’s Brewing Rancho Cucamonga  8560 Vineyard Ave #301 Brewery They just opened in May 2016. We tried 12 different beers, and even though they were fairly young, most of them had a really good profile. I’m looking forward to the sour they are brewing at the moment.
Rok House Brewing Upland 1939 W 11th St Brewery Their beers were fine. Not really a place I felt comfortable hanging out.
I&I Brewing Chino 5135 Edsion Avenue #1 Brewery I came here when they first opened a few times and really enjoyed their beer. I need to try them again.
Ritual Brewing Redlands 1315 Research Dr Brewery Another place I tried when they opened. They were good. I need to try this place again.
Belching Beaver Brewery  Vista  980 Park Center Dr Brewery  I tried this place when they first opened. That’s when I found their peanut butter milk stout. That is an awesome beer one can now find in the local stores!
Inland Empire Brewing Riverside 1710 Palmyrita Ave #11 Brewery Annother one we haven’t been back to in a while. They were good a few years ago!
Packing House Brewing Riverside 6421 Central Ave Brewery On my list to try someday.
Area 51 Craft Brewery Riverside 7123 Arlington Ave Brewery On my list to try someday.
Old Stump Brewery Pomona 2896 Metropolitan Pl I tried this place when they first opened. The beer was good, and the atmopshere was nice. I would go again if I’m in the area.
Wicks Brewing Riverside 11620 Sterling Ave. Brew Pub Another one to try someday.
Solorio Brewing Rancho Cucamonga  9395 Feron Boulevard  Brewery Opening some time later in 2016.
No Clue Brew  Rancho Cucamonga  9037 Arrow  Route #170  Brewery We tried this the first week they were open. Unfortunately there were not any we wanted to come back for. But now we’ve been told that the beer has matured (we tried them too early) and they are worth going back to. They will be on our pub crawl later this year when the other ones open in Rancho!
Sour Cellars  Rancho Cucamonga 9495 E 9th St  Brewery Another one that is set to open later in 2016!