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Pumpkin and sour Beer

October 23, 2013

I went to the local liquor store the other day to buy a decent sour beer for the weekend. I forgot that while this liquor store carries an offbeat brand of brews, they are also expensive. I bought this bottle of Haandbakk sour beer imported from Norway.


While it did taste wonderful, I’m not sure it was worth the cost. But it was very good!

Then I figured we needed some pumpkin beers before they sell out. For this I went to our local Total Wine and More store. I ended up with a case of Pumpkick beer from New Belgium Brewery. I was going to save it until the weather cooled down a bit, but I had to try one and my husband already drank his three! I’ve hidden the last two until the weather cools down at least a little bit. I may go back and see if they have more of that, or some of the other ones that were recommended to me.

I also think that we are going to get back into brewing again. There are so many wonderful micro-breweries around that we haven’t really felt motivated to make our own beer for a while. But we’ve been tossing around some ideas, and I think we’re going to try a new IPA next month. I need to look at what hops are available at this time, check out the profiles, and put together a good hoppy IPA. But this time I don’t know if we’ll dry hop it since last time it really overflowed!

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