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More BuJo Supplies!

February 1, 2018

More BuJo Supplies!

Before I finally reined myself in and stopped buying supplies, and started focusing on the work and writing, I bought yet more BuJo supplies! First, I thought I needed even more washi tape. Why, I’m not sure. But I just love the colors and the idea, so I ordered a bunch!

And then I needed stencils. I just love seeing all of the headers and such, and figured I needed some stencils to do some in my journal!

And then, I needed better pens to write in my BuJo. I didn’t want any pen though. I’ve worked with micron pens before when sewing dolls (and drawing on part of the faces), and I knew they were good. They also have good reviews by other bullet journalers, so I had to order a section of those!

Then, I really wanted to do that fancy lettering in my books. So I bought a set of pens from Hobby Lobby. That’s a whole other story though, and a new post just waiting for me to write!

Oh, and just for fun, here is a picture of all my pens – old and new! I just love reusing (kind of under “renew”) the tea containers for pen holders!

Now back to doing some actual spreads in my BuJo!

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