Coffee Equipment!

December 13, 2016

The more my husband and I make our own items (or should I just say food!), the more “stuff” we tend to buy. Not that I’m complaining. Now my husband, that’s another story. He does complain that we do not have much room left on our counter, yet when I go to store any of our coffee items, he’s quick to say it has to stay out since he uses it almost daily! Looking at the items in the picture, I see one item I would really like to put away, the Keurig machine. But he said he uses that to make hot water for one cup of coffee (using the single pour through filter on the right), or a cup of tea (little tea pot is out of the picture). I fixed that and bought an electric kettle, that now sits on the counter on the other side of the kitchen! What can I say, I like my Chemex coffee in the morning, from the freshly roasted and ground coffee beans. And I really like a cup of espresso made with my own pumpkin spice simple syrup. Yum!


Maybe we both need to compromise and find some storage place for the items that we use only every few days (like the coffee bean roaster). Maybe I should have taken a picture of our huge, and I mean HUGE, extra large toaster oven that my husband picked out (after he lit the little one on fire. . . that’s another story) that takes up a large section of space right next to the oven that could help us spread these items out. But I will admit, it has come in very useful. In the end, I’m not going to worry about it because I really enjoy using all of the items in the picture and it doesn’t bother me! 🙂

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