Making Sourdough Bread During the Workweek

March 28, 2017

Making Sourdough Bread

My husband and I really like my homemade sourdough bread. I’ve finished two of  Teresa Greenway’s online courses, and have signed up for a couple more. I have learned from her how to make my starter, and all of the basics of creating a good loaf of sourdough bread. I’m also part of her Facebook group, which is a group of very supportive and creative people.

Even though I have enjoyed the classes, and look forward to learning more, I don’t have that much time. I work full time outside of my home, and I choose to do quite a bit of fitness as well. I found myself making as much as I could on the weekends, and then either running out mid-week, or having too many loaves that they spoiled. I did freeze some, but what I really wanted was to have fresh bread mid-week as well.

For this, I went outside of my comfort zone and started playing with the timing in the recipes. I’ve also played around with ingredients, but that’s for another post! I decided to try a few different experiments to see what I could do decently on a workweek schedule.

Making Sourdough During the Workweek

After a bit of trial and error, here is the time schedule I came up with.

  • Take Horatio (my starter) out of the fridge and feed him before heading out to work.
  • Once home from work, I put in the starter, water, flour, and any extras I want for that loaf. Leave it for one hour.
  • Add the salt, and do a few stretches and folds to work that salt in.
  • Over the next 3 hours, stretch and fold every 45 minutes.
  • Do an initial shaping on the breadboard. Let sit for 20 minutes
  • Do a final shaping and put the bread in a floured banneton. Cover and put in the fridge.

The next day when I come home from work, I turn on the oven to pre-heat as per normal instructions. If it’s winter and cold, I take the sourdough out of the fridge at that time and cover it on the counter. If it’s summer (or like now, 90s in the winter), I leave it in the fridge until the oven, and lid, have been properly pre-heated. Then I cook as normal.

My Take Away

This technique has worked so well for me that I have not bought bread for four months now. I use the weekends for the specialty breads and lessons I’m taking, and midweek I use this. It has worked so well that I’ve passed it on to my daughter, who now makes a couple of loaves each week while working full time as well.


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