More sourdough bread. . . and butter!

October 25, 2016

My sourdough baking is going really well! I’ve baked another one of Teresa’s first sourdough breads, as well as one from an a cookbook I borrowed from the library. I was going to do one with a longer bulk fermentation, but I ended up having them both done within 30 minutes of each other.

The first one is 100% unbleached flour. But the other one has 50 grams of whole wheat and 450 grams of unbleached flour. I liked the taste of that one, my husband prefers the first. I still need to finish her first course though and make the second sourdough over a two day period. I just haven’t been home for two days in a row since I started!  But I will. And I’ve signed up for two more of her courses while they were on sale. I like how she teaches, and I like supporting artists!

And of course, I like to continue to learn. And since the sourdough has been turning out good, I decided to make my own butter. That turned out really good, really easy, and with the additional benefit of having some fresh buttermilk to make pancakes with. I think my husband is getting spoiled! 🙂

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