Sourdough Orange Cranberry Ring

December 29, 2016

With time off this holiday season, I’ve decided to try and do some more specialty baking. The item I’m featuring in this blog post is the sourdough orange-cranberry ring, from a recipe I downloaded from my sourdough Facebook group.


It required quite a bit of the sourdough starter, and not a lot of fermentation time. But since this was a sweet dough recipe, I figured that was okay.


I soaked the dried cranberries in orange juice over night, and save the juiced oranges so I could use the zest in the recipe the next day. Which, when mixing the dough, I forgot! The person who posted the recipe was quite nice in posting a basic sweet dough recipe, and then other recipes on how to make that basic dough into something else. But I took and read everything straight through as I went, and after I finished making the basic recipe and turned to the orange-cranberry part, it stated to put orange zest into the first dough while making it. So, that did’t happen!

But I did follow the rest of the recipe fairly carefully, and ended up with a wonderful tasting ring. In the middle, besides the cranberries, there are candied almonds.


You can see in the picture above the cranberries and almonds in the middle. Over the top is the sweet orange icing. I only made a half recipe of the icing since I don’t like things too sweet. And that turned out to be plenty enough. But next time. . . I’ll wait until it cools completely before adding the topping.

Speaking of next time, I do think I will do this again and add a bit more spices and nuts to the middle. Or maybe adapt it to make some cinnamon rolls. Doesn’t that sound good!

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