Thanksgiving Dessert

December 16, 2016

This year my husband and I hosted the small Thanksgiving dinner. We are rather non-traditional though, and let everyone know up front. For those that do come, they really enjoy it!

When planning a menu, you want to be sure you include enough proteins, vegetables, and starches so people have a good choice of food.

For our protein, my husband smoked a brisket. It was awesome! He started on it the night before, and got up early to start the barbecue and monitor the cooking. We probably should have had a second protein, looking back on the menu now.

For the vegetables, we had a good variety. My youngest daughter helped me to make some breaded zucchini sticks, sweet potato casserole (that one is traditional), and butternut squash soup.

For the starches, we had stuffing made out of my sourdough (cooked a couple of days before, and dried out properly) with apples and sausage, and of course a lot of fresh sourdough bread.

Desserts, that’s the part we had too much of! Everyone loves my apple pie (which I make only once or twice a year), so of course I had to make that. But my husband also wanted cherry pie, so I made that fresh as well. Then he wanted a pecan pie with a cinnamon roll crust. I had him make that one. Well, I made the crust first, and helped him to roll it out, but he did the filling of both the cinnamon roll part and the pecan pie.

And I shouldn’t forget the appetizers! We made baked brie with brown sugar, cinnamon, and walnuts. It was really yummy!

And did I remember to take a picture of any of this food? No 🙁 But I did take a picture of my apple pie before I baked it!apple-pie-ready-to-cook-f16

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