Little Girl Hair Clips

November 18, 2017

After I finished my earrings the other day, I also decided I should pull out that bag of little girl hair clips I bought a few years ago and do something with them before my oldest granddaughter gets too old to want any. After all, she’s turning 6 this month!

I pulled out my bag of multi-colored hair clips, and then set about going through my supplies for some cute things to glue to them. With the cases and cases of supplies I have, I didn’t have very much to put on clips for little girls. I did use what I have though to make a few. I think they turned out cute. Maybe a bit much with the glue-gun (I took a while cleaning up my mess!), but overall not bad.

I found one large flower, and a package of some smaller ones. I also found some flat beads. I only did a few, but at least it’s a start. I’m going to give these to my granddaughters this weekend, and see what they think. Then I’m going back to the craft store and buying more supplies of the things they like. It’s such an easy, and cute, project to do for them!

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