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Travel Notebook

January 20, 2018

Travel Notebook

I did it! I made my travel notebook. I did a bit of research, and then spent some time looking at what size replacement journal I’ll be buying. I also knew I wanted one big enough for just two notebooks.


I looked around the web for various leather supplies. I knew I didn’t want something too soft or thin, but I really wasn’t sure how thick I needed it. I ended up ordering from a place on Etsy (PeggySueAlso) that had a nice variety of leather, and her description for the one I purchased said it was good for Midori style (travel) journals. So I ordered that and waited the short time for it to arrive.

I also would need elastic for holding the books in, and of course some decorations!


I looked at quite a few websites, and kind of combined the different suggestions to make my book. First, since the leather was already 8″x 10″ I opted not to cut it down any further. The next journals I plan to buy are a 4″ x 5.8″ size, so I decided to leave it. I did put my holes in the material a bit down inside in case I decide later to trim the leather.

I got out a piece of chalk (I used my grandkid’s sidewalk chalk!), my old quilt measure board and rulers, and marked the spots where I wanted the holes. I wanted one in the middle for the elastic to hold the book closed. Then I wanted two at each end so I could have two lengths of elastic to hold in the journals.

I then needed to cut the holes nice and evenly. One site suggested a hole punch. Oddly enough, I don’t have one of those at home. Then I thought about all of the wood working tools my husband has from his grandfather. So out to the garage I went in search of an awl. At least that’s what I think it’s called. But I did find what I was looking for and set about using that, and a hammer to cut the holes.

Now, I’m sure over time I would have finished the holes myself. But my husband came out to help, and he hammered the holes in for me in a matter of seconds for each one!

Back inside, and time to put in the elastic. It’s a little thin, so I may replace that down the road. But I looped it so I could put two journals in the book, and have two bookmarks with beads on the ends.

And of course, I needed to put my little bit of bling on the outside as well!

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the process was actually fairly easy. It took a bit longer than I thought because I wanted to be sure I had everything lined up like I wanted. But I didn’t mind that at all. I’m really happy how it turned out, and I can move/replace things as needed. The leather is really nice as well. It is a bit thick, so I may add a couple more elastic bands to hold it closed. But I’d rather have it too thick than too thin. But I’m really pleased at how it turned out and the actual cost for the supplies. And it makes me smile each night when I take out my BuJo to write in it!

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