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July 21, 2014

I am still on my beading kick right now. Which is good since I really haven’t done any beading for quiet a few years! My favorite was to actually bead garments. I liked to sit down with seed beads and carefully sew them onto a pattern. I know that’s not the most fashionable thing to do/wear, but I really enjoy doing that. So I’m trying to find another way to do beading that I can enjoy. To that end, I was able to sit down and really try my hand at bead crocheting. I did a small tube and kept it, mistakes and all, to see how much (if I can!) make progress. So here is my start.

My first attempt at crochet beading!

Not too bad. I then strung quite a few more beads on the thread, and started yet again. My second attempt went better, but then I dropped the loop, couldn’t find it, and ended up pulling out way too much of the project. I then decided that it’s not something I think I would enjoy more than regular beading (at least for now), so I put it down and picked up my other beads.

I decided to do a stretch bracelet with some of the green beads and older seed beads I had. I did a really nice combination, went to check the size by stretching it a bit, and it broke apart! I guess that’s what happens when you pick up elastic that is over 10 years old. So, back to the store again. This time I went to Michael’s, and wouldn’t you know it, they were having a bead sale! And I had coupons as well. Can’t beat that. Besides the new elastic, I also bought a lot more beads!

More beads on sale!

Now, you would think I’d pay attention to my other supplies before I went back out, but no. I finished the stretch bracelet, checked the stretch and size and all was well. Then I went to use my jewelry cement to glue the knot, and of course that was dried up! This time I just ordered some more online (along with some beads I think will make a unique bracelet for my older daughter), and used regular jewelry glue. Now I know why it’s not good to use that. It makes a large knot that doesn’t fit under a bead. By this point though I cut it as close as I could, squished it as much as I could, and that’s that. Then I went about making a matching pair of earrings. I’m actually really happy with the way these turned out. 🙂

Stretch bracelet and matching earrings.

And of course I have a lot of additional beads and quite a few ideas. I decided I didn’t have to try and do ALL of them this past weekend. But I did decide to load up YouTube and learn a new beading stitch (to replace the crochet beading I was going to do). Now this is not a new stitch, but new to me. The peyote stitch. I did an odd number one, and an even number one. I even made this little bracelet.

Peyote bead bracelet.

There are a few mistakes in it, but overall I’m happy how it turned out. I even wore it the next day to work! After finishing it though, I realize I would have liked it better with clear beading thread. I used some “bead weaving thread” that I had, but I don’t like seeing it on the edges. But I will wait for another paycheck before going back to buy (or order) any more supplies! Especially since I have plenty to keep me busy for now. Not to mention that I want to learn some other techniques and find ways to use the large stretch cording I bought as well!

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