Various Crocheting Projects

May 2, 2016

When moving to a new house with, luckily, some new furniture and new places to store things, one finds need of various little items. Sometimes I turn to knitting, sometimes to the sewing machine (but that’s not quite set up yet), and when I want something fast, I turn to crocheting!

The first item(s) I wanted to make were a series of larger doilies to put in between my frying pans so they don’t scratch. I finished those pretty quickly. But they were large, basic and really not very pretty. So I didn’t take any pictures.

The next item I wanted was a little doily to go on my new nightstand so I can put my glass of wine down without hurting the wood. I found some yarn that I had used for boot toppers in a lovely brown and turquoise pattern and used that. I have a picture of it below in progress.


I like it, but my husband said it won’t protect the wood if I use a regular glass. I told him I’d only use it for my wine or brandy glasses!!

The last item actually wasn’t for the new home, but for work. I had just finished organizing my yarn so I could find what I needed for the items above, and decided I would use all of my leftover Woolease to make a lap blanket for work. Even in the heat, my office runs cold. I use a space heater, but that sometimes gets a bit too hot. Since I have a light sweater (and a cardigan I’m working on for a prettier items to wear), I thought I’d crochet up a quick lap blanket. I alternated various rows of the colors I had left, and I think it turned out rather nice. 🙂


Now back to knitting. . . and setting up my sewing machine!

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