September 20, 2016

I’m making milk kefir. . . brewing kombucha. . . so I decided why not try fermenting food as well.

I thought I was starting slow. I only did two jars of sauerkraut to start with. The first I did by the book. I chopped and weighed the cabbage, and added the proper amount of sea salt (I bought two kinds to try though). I kneaded and squished as the directions said, this time reading a bit more carefully before I started. Next thing I knew, the cabbage was ready and floating in it’s own brine. I carefully added it to a quart mason jar that I sanitized, squishing it in as I went. I added a full leaf to the top to keep everything under, then found a small shot glass to hold everything down. I put┬áthat one in the cupboard inside a dish (in case it overflowed). Then I took the remainder of the cabbage, measured out the appropriate salt, and again commenced squishing. Once done with that, before I added it to another jar (this one an old peanut butter glass jar, sanitized), I added some turmeric and garlic. And no, I have not tried sauerkraut before, but I figured what the heck!

The jars have been in my cupboard for over one week now at the time I’m writing this, and I’ve dutifully burped the jars twice a day. Since I was having so much fun with that, I ordered the pickle pipes to try with my next batch. At the time I went to order them, they were on sale bundled with the glass weights, so I bought those as well.

I searched through my stash and found another quart mason jar that wasn’t being used, and decided to try making some pickles. This one I’m really not sure about. But I did read quite a few recipes, and picked one that was suggested on the Facebook group I now belong to. And I think they look quite pretty at the beginning of their fermentation!

Pickles - 1st try

This recipe said to let it go about one week, so I’ll get to try those before I get to try the sauerkraut.

And of course I’m ready to try a recipe with purple cabbage and apples, but I’m not sure if there is room in my cupboard for any more jars right now! My husband said my new hobby is taking over the kitchen. I don’t think it’s that bad. . . yet. But like I told him, I think you (I) need to try something new each week so that way there is always something new and interesting to eat and be healthy!

So far for this *hobby* I’ve purchased 8 quart size jars (given one away to my youngest daughter), 4 pint size jars (I use those for over night oats though), and 4 cup size jars that I use for kefir cheese. If I have 2-4 fermentations going at a time, and then my milk kefir on the counter and one in the refrigerator for my oats, I think I’ll need more. Oh, and my husband is using one of the quart size jars for his cold brew coffee! And while I’m not opposed to using the older peanut butter jars and such, I was not saving many of them before, and I don’t think I can eat peanut butter that fast for storage jars! Besides, I’m also using the pint jars (and an older jelly jar) for our special simple syrups as well. Right now I have a lavender one in the refrigerator (it makes awesome lemon drop martinis!) and my husband has a sour cherry simple syrup as well. Yes, I think I need a few more jars. . . and a few more shelves. . . .and ┬ámaybe a new cookbook!

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