Baby Blankets

March 1, 2015

Baby Blanket #1

I’ve been working the last couple of weeks on two baby blankets for a couple of friends my daughters went to school and played soccer with. It’s kind of cute, they are both due in July. Since I have a new grandbaby on the way in August, and another baby due for my daughter’s sister-in-law that same month, I thought I should start working on these now! I went to Michael’s just to pick up some yarn, and instead of getting the large hanks of baby yarn, I went for a smaller, little more specialized yarn. I like the feel of this one and I bought enough for two blankets. I finished the first one last week, and have started on the second one. Of course, one can’t get away with buying just the yarn for the project at hand (or at least I can’t!), so I also bought some soft yarn in beautiful fall colors to make a shawl for myself. This, after I ordered some light brown mohair/silk blend from the internet to make a soft cowl for myself as well. My plan is to finish the second blanket, then make the shawl, then go back to get yarn for the tree-of-life blankets I’m making for the next two and start work on those. Of course, if I go to the store to pick out yarn, I’ll probably end up with more yarn for other projects as well! Oh, I almost forgot I will need to get pink yarn as well since I’m going to make a junior size afghan to give my granddaughter when I go to the baby shower with the new blanket. She already has a baby size tree-of-life blanket, so this new one will be pink and frilly since she likes that right now!

I’ll post more pictures as I complete more items!

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