Baby Poncho

June 23, 2016

I needed a project tow work on that was fun, but not too thought intensive. I have been working on some online classes, and reading a few non-fiction books, all which require a bit of thinking for me. While I am enjoying both books and classes, I wanted to work on a project that was portable, easy to do, and for one of my Granddaughters. Since I’ve knit quite a bit for my older granddaughter, I decided to do something for my youngest one.

I could have done another blanket, or a hat. But it’s over 100 degrees here now and I just didn’t want to do either of those. Then I decided on a poncho. You may ask why, since that is also meant for cooler weather. Good question!

First, when I think of ponchos, I think about mild weather. Something that doesn’t cover completely, but just gives a little bit of warmth. Kind of like a hug.

Second, I’m a hippy at heart and I just love ponchos! I would make it with leather and fringe if I was able (and if my daughter would actually let her daughter wear something like that!).

Third, I had made one for my older granddaughter, so I thought it would be good to do one for my younger. For the older one I made one with a hood and tassels. For this one, I did a lighter one with a butterfly.


In this picture you can’t really see the purple lace border at the bottom, but it’s there! Here is a closer look at the butterfly.


While I really think the pattern for this poncho is cute, I’m not happy with the yarn. For this project I pulled out some yarn from the stash that my grandmother left to me. While the colors are pretty, it has a stiff feel to it. I think I’m spoiled by the nicer yarns for clothes. Or at least something a bit softer. So I think I’ll just save the rest of this yarn for afghans here and there, and buy the proper yarn – at least for clothes projects!

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