Baby Tree of Lift Afghan

October 30, 2017

I have a new granddaughter! She was born last month, and is the third daughter of my oldest daughter. I now have a granddaughter that will be six in one month, a two year old, and the baby. They are all beautiful and wonderful, and all of the great things a Nana knows about her kid’s kids. 🙂

With the first two girls, I made a tree of life afghan. Before I even started on this third one, my oldest granddaughter asked me to make her new baby sister a matching blanket. Isn’t that sweet. I was planning on it anyhow, but it makes it even more special when it’s specifically asked for. My only problem was that there were two other pregnant ladies that I was trying to make blankets for as well. While no one in particular asked for them, I like to make them.

I didn’t make a detailed tree of life afghan for the other two, but I should have. I’ve just found in the past that while the pattern has a special meaning to me, and my girls know that, others don’t feel the same. I had one person change the blanket into something else. She was really pleased with her “update,” but I admit I had trouble responding to that. A gift is a gift though. It needs to be felt, and come from the heart. So I backed off a little on other blankets, and now I just pick cute baby patterns and make those for everyone else. I put in my time, effort, and love, but the pattern is such that if they want to “update” or change the blanket, I’m not put off.

So I made two blankets (of course, I forgot to take pictures) in a matter of a couple of months. Then I concentrated on this one. I’m really happy with the way it turned out, and so is my oldest granddaughter. Of course now I found out another one of their friends is pregnant, so it’s time for another baby blanket. At least she’s not due until January, so I can go back to my other project in the meantime. Which is – a sweater! Yes, I know, at the time I’m actually typing this post we’re in the middle of a heat wave. But I have hopes that someday it will get cold again.

And just because this picture is too cute, here is a picture of my three granddaughter!

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