Berroco KAL

May 6, 2016

I know, another project. There are so many things I want to make. Many more techniques that I want to learn. So much that I want to do, I just need time. Yet I say that, and the more time I have, the more projects I add to my list! That’s okay. I’ve fairly much come to terms with it. So when I saw a knit-a-long for another shawl, I just had to join in. It’s for the Berroco pattern Odora. And I bought the suggested yarn as well in a beautiful teal color. I was set and ready to go before the May 2nd start!



I’m also trying to be more active, and reach out/post more often. So I posted on the Raverly site, and even uploaded the picture above. I’ve been following the discussions, and someone posted about adding beads. I love beads! I reached out to her, and she shared her bead placement with me. Wasn’t that nice. Since then I’ve checked my gauge, picked the right needles, cast-on and have completed almost 20 rows. I’m not sure I selected the right beads though. They seem small and lost in the pattern. But it’s a start, and I’m going to continue using them since they don’t look bad (if you can find them). Once I have a few more rows with beads I’ll post some more pictures. Maybe even one of Facebook. . . although I don’t post there often. Usually just to promote a family member’s business or other places that I like and want to give advertising to. I’ve found too much personal posting on Facebook is just not quite a good thing. But I do like posting pictures on Instagram (the one above I posted days ago), and I’m thinking about doing a few tweets since some fellow knitters are now following me on Twitter (just from the KAL postings!). I had been using Twitter mostly for news, but I think a picture here and there with some fun updates might not be a bad idea. I’m going to do it. . . branch out and hopefully find more people to follow and chat with that have the same interests. I just love seeing other people’s knitting and hand work. And sharing ideas is wonderful, and such great inspiration!

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