Berroco Odora KAL – Progress to Date

May 31, 2016

Today was the official last day of the KAL. When I signed up for the challenge, I didn’t realize it was for just one month. Well, I didn’t realize or I just didn’t pay attention. But the length of this challenge was for 31 days. So how did I do?! Not as good as I had hoped.

I started off by deciding to add beads to the pattern¬†as suggested by a fellow KALer. She even gave me a placement pattern for the beads. What I didn’t take into account was the time it takes to add the beads, how to add them properly, and picking a size (and color) that is a good contrast to my yarn. The beads I picked were too small, and the same color as my yarn. I finally gave up on adding the beads when no one, including me, could find where they were. I will try beads again on a future project.

I picked up speed a little bit in the middle, but then other things took my attention. A cardigan I was working on that I just *had* to finish now. A couple of library books on introverts and physics (I’m on a non-fiction kick right now). And some online classes. I have quite a few excuses, but my biggest one is that I just thought I had more time!

Near the end, when I finally realized we only had days left, I checked my progress and I had not even finished two of the four skeins of yarn I bought for the project. Being a goal oriented person, I started knitting every free moment for the next couple of days. Then the kids came over for a barbecue over Memorial weekend, we had a celebration dinner for my youngest daughter, and. . .well. . .I decided that since I was not going to be able to get it done unless I slept 4 hours each night and gave up everything, I wasn’t going to give up seeing my kids and celebrating with them, so I didn’t finish.

Where does that leave me now? Looking at the ¬†yarn I’ve used and estimating from the ever increasing rows of a shawl pattern, I would say I’m 80% done. I took a picture, posted it on Instagram, and posted in the Raverly forum that I’m just not going to be able to finish. But I promise to continue working on it (and a normal pace), and finish it soon. I’ll block it, and post pictures of my lovely finished project and give my thoughts on the overall pattern, yarn, and changes I tried to make.

Now that I’ve updated everyone, it’s back to my online class!


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