Bev’s Hat Pattern

May 1, 2012

I just love making this hat! It started from a free pattern flyer I picked up last year. I started the pattern, didn’t really care for the pattern, but wanted to make a hat with the lovely yarn I had bought for it. So, I found another stitch pattern on ravelry that looked lovely on a scarf, and used it for this hat. Then I knitted until I felt it was tall enough, and worked out the decreases based on the pattern and making a slow decrease. I made the original hat for my friend Bev, so I call it Bev’s hat pattern. Since I picked up bits and pieces from here and there, I don’t call it my own pattern. But I’m pretty proud of it anyhow! First, look at the lovely yarn I picked out for this time around:

Lovely hat yarn

My youngest daughter took that picture for me. I told her I’m trying to take more artistic and fun shots!

I actually wound up the ball a couple of nights ago, then started on the hat Sunday night.

Close up of the beginning

I just love the way this yarn feels and the way the stitches are. I’ve made a few of these hats already, but this one is for a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. I was going to make her one of the soft chemo hats (when I finally find a good replacement yarn for Chinchilla), but she had good news after her surgery. She doesn’t need chemo 🙂 So, I thought that this hat would still be a lovely pick me up and let her know we are thinking about her.

The plan is to finish the hat in the next couple of days and send it off to her. In the mean time, here is a picture I took while trying to do an artistic type shot (before my daughter helped me):

Sue's crafty shot

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