Buttony Sweater Update

August 9, 2016

Usually when I start a simple knitting project, I finish it in one to two weeks. Not this time! I’ve been doing so many other things that I just haven’t dedicated enough time to really work on this sweater. But, I have been making progress.

green sweater up close

I have another half dozen rows to complete before adding the seeding row to the bottom, and then the sleeves to finish. I thought I would have enough yarn for the sweater with long sleeves and a turtleneck, but I’m not so sure now! When I finish the bottom, I’ll weigh what I have left and be sure to use less than half of that for the first arm, and then match the second. For the neck, I need at least enough to do a row and bind off, but I’d love it if I have enough for a few rows. But we’ll see!

Here is a close up of what I’ve completed so far.

green sweater up closer 2

If all goes well, I’ll be looking for some cool buttons when I go shopping for my granddaughter’s maxi-dress material! 🙂

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