Buttony Sweater

July 8, 2016

I needed a new project to work on since I finished the poncho, but since I didn’t have a pattern that I really wanted to do, I decided to find a large stash of yarn in my art room, and then use the project lookup on Raverly to find a sweater/hat/shawl to make with it. I had 500 yards of Lion Brand Heartland in Joshua Tree (a nice olive green). ¬†After going through quite a few pages of patterns, I came across the Buttony Sweater.

After reading through the pattern, and many notes others have made, I decided to start it. I’m still not sure about figuring out the arms, or when to attach the body, but it’s going good so far. I also decided to use a provisional cast-on in case I have enough yarn left over to make a turtleneck out of the sweater as I saw another Raverly member do.

green sweater 1 -7-16

I think I will do a few more rows, and then “try” it on to see if the arms are ready to be put on some waste yarn and connect the body together. I’m a little nervous about doing it right, since I’m used to following a pattern line by line, but this is good stepping outside my comfort zone!

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