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Cast Warmer

March 8, 2013

I finished my friend’s cast warmer! I know, it’s really an over sized arm warmer, but since it is going over her cast (she broke her elbow) and it’s really large, I’m calling it a cast warmer!  I had originally picked up one skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn in Anchorage Ice, but it wasn’t enough. Besides the fact that it was knit on size 11 needles, it needed to be 17″ long, plus a smaller section of ribbing on the top to close off the area above the cast. So, off I went early one morning on my way to work to pick up that second skein!

Cast Warmer

I know, I should have found a better background to take the picture on. But I was getting tired that evening when I finished it, and I knew I would be taking it to be mailed in the morning and I really wanted a picture. That background behind it is a quilt I made years ago. I love the look of quilts and the idea of blending the fabrics together, but quilting that thing took me almost a full year to do – so that’s the last quilt I made!

The next night I sat down and did a new manicure. This one is just two coats of Jesse’s Girl Riff Raff that I got on sale ($.75) at Rite Aid (I’m pretty sure it was Rite Aid, but I did stop by a CVS and Walgreens that weekend as well). I didn’t do any designs (or so I thought when I first typed this up) or anything fancy because this weekend I am doing my birthday manicure, and if I did something too fancy before that I wouldn’t want to take it off early! Still, it turned out pretty and I was happy with the manicure.

Jesse's Girl Manicure

Now that I have stated that I wasn’t going to do anything fancy because I’ll just be taking it off soon. . . I came home the first night, looked at my nails, looked at my container of glitters and such, and just had to add something! I ended up putting on an indie polish by D and R Apothecary (which I thought was Hit Polish when I first ordered from that store) called German Chocolate Cake, and then a few glitter pieces from Born Pretty on my ring fingers. The glitter polish has browns and a few reds, which I didn’t realize until the next day that I only got the red on a couple of fingers. Other than that, I really like the way it accented the Jesse’s Girl polish!

Added glitter to my manicure!

Added glitter to my manicure, close up

Speaking of Jesse’s Girl, they are soon putting out a line of textured polish called Frosted Gum Drops. There are six of them and they look like fun to have. I’ve been watching their website and checked the store over the weekend and have not seen them yet. Then Thursday morning I saw a tweet that said they are doing a pre-sale of a set of six for $20.01. That seems pretty good to me, and I like a sale, so off I went to their website (Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics) and found it under the “special offers” section. I probably won’t wear any of them until it’s a bit warmer out (there are some bright colors in the set), but I will post pictures when I do. Before that, I’m sure I’ll be using the Zoya Pixie Dust polish as my first official texture polish though. I bought the lovely cream color and on a test last week it looks sparkly and nice, like a good spring color (and it’s raining out today, just not quite yet the time or mood for me to wear spring colors!).

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