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Catch-up Part III – Crafts

July 3, 2014

My biggest craft news of the last couple of months is the sweater I made for my Grandmother for her 90th birthday. My Mom picked out the pattern and bought the yarn, but I knitted the sweater. Of course I didn’t take a picture of just the sweater :-/ ┬áBut I do have one here that kind of shows the sweater, along with a decent shot of my Grandmother.

My Grandmother with her sweater

Here is a slightly (*slightly*) better picture of the sweater that someone else took, but not as good of my Grandmother.

That’s my family around her. They choose a local buffet for lunch. I will add no comments here about all of that, except that it was nice to see everyone. We even took a picture of three generations.

Grandma, Mom and Me

If my girls and granddaughter would have been able to go, that would be five generations! But it was a costly trip, so unfortunately that didn’t happen.

I also finished a scarf for my Mother for Mother’s Day. I should have taken pictures of that, but it was a simple scarf with a Celtic pattern (I like doing cables). We also took her to another painting class. Not the brewery one, but a local one where you bring your own food (and wine) and they teach you to paint. I can’t find my picture of the four of us at the end (my older daughter went along with my Mom, husband and me), but here is my daughter’s finished picture!

Yes, that’s me in the background. And the bottle of wine next to the painting is ours as well, but it was covered in blue speaks of paint from quickly painting the blue background!

I have not really done anything artistic for a few weeks now, but I’m feeling like I want to again. I saw a picture of a knitted/beaded bracelet that I think I want to try, as well as a knotted bracelet. I’m also thinking about starting that owl scarf project again. A coworker is knitting a wedding shawl with beads that has me wanting to do a beaded project since they usually turn out so lovely. I’m also thinking about sewing again. I organized my sewing room last week, and now have ideas for some other decorating items I want to buy/make for the room. I’ll start with some valences for the two windows (I’ll pick out the material after my next paycheck), and I’m pretty certain I know what wall art I’m going to buy as well. The room has a purple theme since it has wood items and a big purple ottoman in there already! I’m also starting to look at costumes. I plan to wear a Halloween costume to work, one that is nice that I’ve either bought ahead or made, and my youngest daughter and I are going to do the mud run again, but this time in costume. That’s not for three months, but this time we’re looking ahead. I’m pretty sure we’ll do a fairy theme since it’s easy and not too bad to run in. I’ve already found some cheap wigs and wings, and can make some tutus as well. I’ve sent all of the information to my daughter to check in the next couple of weeks. I’ll post ideas and pictures as we go.

We’re also signed up to do a night time half marathon in November. But that’s another post for running!

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