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December 13, 2012

I like to be creative at Christmas, but it only works if the person I am making the item for appreciates it, and if I give myself enough time. I’m fairly certain about the last part, and I’m hopeful about the first!

I finished (and mailed) five different gifts already. This included:

  • 4 socks
  • 2 scarves
  • 1 hat
  • 1 set of arm warmers
I have finished these, but just need to wrap them:
  • 1 &&&& (gift for my Mom – blanked out until after Christmas)
  • aprons for my grand nieces & nephew

I am still working on:

  • &&&& (gift for my Dad)
  • &&&& (gift for both parents together)
  • an afghan
  • 1 set of arm warmers with partial fingers (like a long glove without the tips for typing).

Not too bad. I should be finishing most of them by the end of the weekend. The second set of arm warmers may take me a bit longer, but it’s for my daughter to use at work since it’s cold in her office and she can’t use a space heater. Okay, they didn’t say she couldn’t, but she brought one in, plugged it in, and it shut down the power to the desks around her. So she brought it back home and asked for the arm warmers! I also plan on working on the dress for her now that I have enough muslin to do a test dress. And after Christmas I am thinking of making myself a jacket as well. I wanted a cape, but I’m told I should not wear that to work and I really don’t have another place to wear it. But since I’m liking a bit of accessories, I may make myself a cowl over the holidays as well. I bought some pretty fluffy yarn. Of course, then I found a pattern for a Celtic design on one I may just have to go get some yarn for that!

Before I close out for the week, I did manage to take a couple of pictures of the pink and purple aprons I finished. As for the other gifts, I plan to take some pictures with the person wearing the items 🙂

Child aprons 2012

Pink and purple butterfly aprons

Butterfly aprons

More apron pictures

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