Finished Cardigan!

May 26, 2016

I finished my cardigan! I took a picture of it finished on my dress form, but it was hard to get it to sit right. Still, it shows the details of the back rather nicely!


But it just looks kind of frumpy sitting there. Then I tried to take a picture of me wearing the cardigan in the mirror. That was easier said than done. I should have kept some of the ones I tried to take to show you how bad I was doing.

Then I just broke down and asked my husband for some help. I should have done that in the first place, but I’m trying hard to be independent and handle this site on my own. I guess I’m *somewhat* stubborn. At least I do have a better picture now of the cardigan.


I would show a picture of the front, but I’m not sure how to close it and have it look good. I think if I had a larger chest, then it would drape nicely. But I don’t, so I have to figure something out. My coworker suggested that I fold it near the top and use a shawl pin. I think that will work nicely. So now I have to find a shawl pin. I spent my lunch hour checking through the Etsy sites. Each time I would find one I like, I’d try to picture it with the sweater, and also try to examine if I think it would make the cardigan look nicer, eclectic, or just like an old lady brooch. That probably sounds odd, but I do have a tendency to pick out something I think looks nice and elegant, and then I put it on and it just ages me. So, that’s my┬ádilemma now. Once I have that figured out, and the shawl pin in hand, I’ll see if I can pin up the sweater nicely and take a picture of it. . . or if I’ll need my husband’s help again!

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