Granddaughter’s Afghan

August 9, 2015

My oldest daughter is due in just over one week! I made special tree of life afghans for the new baby, and one for her sister-in-law (who gave birth last week). Now I’m trying frantically to finish the afghan for my oldest granddaughter before her sister comes. It’s taking a bit longer than I’m used to since I’m knitting it and not crocheting. But I knit the one for her sister, so I thought I would knit this one as well. It’s a lovely leaf patten that I really like. I’m not sure why I thought it would be fast. I know the tree of life ones took quite a while, but I thought that was because all of the cables and flowers (I do not like purling three together!), but part of it is that knitting is slower. But, I’m only four rows away from being done with the original pattern. Here is a close up picture of the stitches.

Normally I would be quite happy that it’s almost done, but my granddaughter asked me to edge it in purple. I bought a lovely purple for the accent, but now I’m fretting on how to edge it. For the tree of life afghans, I used a simple crochet stitch in blues and pinks (the main afghan is off-white). That did look nice, but I found it also took away from the afghan’s stretch that the knitting so nicely gives it. So I am thinking of adding the purple at the end and doing four more rows in seed stitch. Then picking up stitches at the bottom and doing the same, then each side separately. I do not like picking up stitches, but I want to do the edging right. So I’m going to have to play with it a little bit to get it right. And of course, I’m under a deadline (self imposed, but nevertheless) of having it done before her sister arrives. And as of this morning, we were told the longest it will be is 12 days, but it could be as soon as tomorrow. I know, I know, stop typing and get to work on knitting! I think I will do that, even though I’m in the middle of a good book (library book, so that’s a set deadline), but I need to remember my priorities. So, I’ll post this blog entry, log-off, and sit down at at least finish the main part of the afghan before I even make dinner!

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