February 10, 2014

As if I don’t make enough lists ( for one), and add pressure to my schedule (making baby sweaters for a shower for twins in a few weeks), I had to add to my schedule by joining the Hexipuff 2014 Knit-a-long (#hexipuffKAL2014). What is a hexipuff you might ask. . . well, it’s from a pattern you can purchase from (another place I keep lists) that called the Bee Keeper’s Quilt. Basically, you use leftover sock or scarf yarn and make these little puffs throughout the year. There is a group on Raverly, as well as people posting on Instagram their updates. The idea is to make 8 each week through the end of the year to have enough to make a small afghan/quilt. My first one was kind of odd.

My first hexipuff!

Maybe not the puff so much, but learning the cast-on (like a sock knitted toe up) and the cast off (which they have you use a crochet needle, but I just use the knitting needles now). You make the puff, stuff it, then cast off. Here is my first group of hexipuffs.

First week of the #hexipuffKAL2014 knitting

Most of those puffs came from the same leftover variegated yarn that I used for Christmas items. Not bad for my first week I think!

I’ll post some of my better ones here and there throughout the year. It’s fun to make them, but I’m not looking forward to putting them all together in December!

For a parting note, I gave my husband a flying pig in his stocking this last Christmas. You hold on to the arms, pull the body back and let it go and it’s oinks when it flies through the air. My dog took one look at that, and decided it was his! He carries it everywhere and is careful to not chew it too much. Way too cute!

My dog and his little pig!


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