Mohair and Silk Cowl

August 21, 2015

I finally started on my new cowl this weekend. It’s one of those projects that you see someone else do and you’re inspired to make one yourself. Originally I was going to do one with beads, but then I couldn’t find a pattern, and I wasn’t inspired enough to try and figure one out, and I had a few other things I needed to complete before I started this. I know, excuses excuses! That said, I found a nice simple pattern on, did a gauge, found I’m way off, and figured out how many extra stitches I should cast on to make it the right length. It’s hard to tell if I did since I’m knitting in the round. But I’m liking the feel of the yarn and the handle of it, so I’ll continue.


New cowl - I just started

If this turns out nice, or even close, I think I’ll just make some adjustments and make another one with beads. After all I did order two hanks of this yarn, and I really do like beads! I just want to be a little more comfortable with the sizing before I do!

On a fun note, my granddaughter was over with her parents the other day. Since her my (my daughter) was 39 weeks along in her  pregnancy I offered to give her a manicure and pedicure . :mrgreen: My granddaughter saw all of my nail polish colors and exclaimed, “Nana, you have soooo many colors!” I told her it’s good to have a choice, and told her to pick out a color for her nails as well. She said she wanted a rainbow manicure, and then sang me the rainbow song! Way too cute. I did her nails, and for the next hour she sat with her hands up not touching anything. But it turned out well and she even let me take a picture.


Rainbow manicure

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