New Boot Toppers

August 30, 2015

I’ve been working on a new pattern for boot toppers since I finished the one made on larger needles a couple of weeks ago. First I did a test swatch with size 3 needles and a sock yarn. Next, I figured out what size I wanted it to be for my legs by measuring the area of my calf that I plan to wear them at. Then I figured out how many stitches I would need to cast on. That completed, I needed to figure out what knit stitches I planned to use. I like cables, the more intricate the better. But there is only so much room on the boot topper. So I scribbled out a few ideas.


I finally picked out one of them, then set to figure out the best way to space them on the topper.


After that, I cast on and knitted away keeping track of the rounds and repeats.


I’m pretty happy with the final result!


Of course I have it pictured upside down here! But since I’m writing this post from my phone I’ll leave it as is for now. ☺

Now to log off and go cast on for the matching boot topper.

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