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January 28, 2013

As the first month of the new year is coming to a close, I look back and see that I haven’t done as much sewing as I would have liked, I’ve read more than I had planned on, and I’m about on track with my knitting and crocheting.

First, I finished a baby blanket for one of my coworkers. I had forgot about it over the holidays, but one couldn’t forget after getting back to work and seeing that she is almost due. So I ran down to the store, picked up a nice baby yarn in blues, greens and white, and crocheted up a nice blanket. But I forgot to take a picture in my haste to get it done, wrapped, and given to her before she delivered. I did do that though!

Next, I went on to knit a couple more hats for my Mom.

Materials for the Off-White Hat

Here is the pattern and yarn for the third hat for my Mom.

I wasn’t sure how this yarn would do for a hat, but it knit up quite nicely. I have to be careful with the yarns I choose for my Mom, because she likes to be able to wash and dry everything in the machines, and not by hand. But I’m so pleased with the way this hat turned out I may make one for myself. Here is a close up of the stitch detail.

Off White Hat Detail

A close-up of the detail on the off-white hat.

Next I worked on a red slouchy hat. While I love the stitching and think the hat is quite beautiful, I don’t think my Mom will like it as much since it is *really* slouchy. We’ll find out though since I’ll be giving it to her this weekend (Superbowl!!).

Red Hat Top View

The top view of my Mom's red hat

Red Hat Side View

Side view of the red hat. You can see by how tall it is how slouchy it will be when it's worn!


I’m also still plugging away at my shawl. I just have to concentrate when I do two of the four row repeat, so I’m doing it a little bit here and there.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I’m trying to get back into my beading as well! I went through my old magazines, and found one pattern that I like and have the beads for.

New Beaded Bracelet

My bracelet in the middle of stringing on the overlapping beads.

Overall it’s been a fairly product last couple of weeks. This weekend is the Superbowl though. So while I may get some basic knitting done during the game, I know I won’t be doing anything difficult because I watch both the game AND the commercials! I am planning on doing some more sewing next month though. I have a pattern for a work jacket that I may do, as well as another work shirt. I’m also thinking about maybe some cute summer nighties. I’m looking at the pattern sale in the next couple of days and maybe I’ll order a few more patterns. . . because of course the tons of patterns I have at home is not quite enough!

Before I sign off, I just had to include a picture of my buddy. He keeps me company while working on my knitting projects. Actually, he keeps me company when I sew as well, but that’s under the dining room table trying to keep touching one of my feet as I move around!


My buddy, Zeus!

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