New Shawl!

May 19, 2012

It’s about time I got back to some serious knitting. I know I’ve done some hats, but I’ve been hording a gift certificate to my local yarn store for MONTHS that I’ve been wanting to use for a bigger project. Since I’m about to go on a mini-vacation, and I like to knit in the car while my husband drives, I figure now is a good time to pick out a pattern and buy those supplies! I have looked before, and nothing really hit me as “I’ve got to do that.” I’ve looked through magazines, on and But I was looking at everything and not quite focused on one type of project and the patterns can be overwhelming. This week though, I decided to that I want to do some kind of shrug. So that narrowed it down. I found two patterns that I really like. A DROPS Design pattern that I think is very lovely and would be nice to show off some pretty yarn. Or, this Vogue pattern that I realize I’ve seen before and loved the idea of doing this one. So, I bought that one and off I went to the yarn store yesterday. They were very helpful at the store (Colors 91711 ┬áin Claremont) , and I ended up buying enough yarn (plus one extra that I can return if I don’t need it) to make the shrug!

Yarn for Vogue Shrug

My new yarn and pattern!

I did a small swatch last night on size 5 needles, but it was not large enough. I did another one on size 6 needles, and it still didn’t seem right. But, I was doing a 2″x2″ instead of the full 4″x4″. Tonight I plan to do a proper size swatch and block it out (since the measurements are for a blocked swatch) and make sure I have the right needles before continuing. I’m quite anxious to get started (especially since we will be driving tomorrow), but I want to be sure I do it right!

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