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Project Catch Up

July 17, 2013

I’ve actually been working on this post for the last couple of weeks, so I’m not sure how current my project catch up is! That said, I have made a lot of progress on various craft projects these last few week. The first I will talk about is the one I have a picture of for my featured image of this post. It’s a headband that I made from this pattern called Grey Gardens. I had this yarn in my stash for quite a while, and when I saw the pattern I thought it would work perfect for it. I’m pleased to say that it did! Headband

The changing of the colors on the yarn worked so well with this pattern. I’m keeping this one for me (I love purples and such), and since then I’ve started a new one with oranges, greens and browns for my older daughter. The yarn I picked up is smaller though, so I’m changing the pattern a little. I’m doing six square repeats instead of four, and I’ll add more rows. I’ll post something once I have a bit of progress to show.

My next finished project is the blouse I was working on. I know I’ve talked about it, and especially about how the sewing machine was having trouble when I made it, but I don’t think I posted a picture. So here it is!

Newest Blouse

My newest blouse

As I’m putting the picture into the post, I realize my captions and such are already entered. I believe that means I’ve already posted this picture in another post. That’s okay, I like it enough that I’ll leave it here as well!

I also am 70% through with a shawl I’ve been working on for almost one year. Here’s a picture of the shawl in progress from months ago.

Shawl progress from February!

I’ve finished the middle circle, and this outside edge fits from about noon to 10 on a clock face. I’m doing at least three repeats a night, and expect to finish this before the end of the month!

I’ve also been working on the afghan for my youngest daughter. I ran out of yarn and had to wait for some to be shipped to me (long story there), but it came in and I’ve been working away as well. It’s hard to work on in the heat, so I usually do it when I’m watching television and can put the full blanket to my side and not on my lap. It’s about 4.5ft tall so far, and I’m planning to make it 6ft tall. I’ll post pictures when I’m done before I give it to her as well.

I also picked up some hemp from Michaels to make my granddaughter a hat. I know I have a lot of projects going, but something got inside my head and had me really, really, wanting to crochet a sun hat. So I did! It didn’t take very long, and it turned out really cute.

Toddler Sun Hat

I bought the pattern called the Starlight Sun Hat. from Raverly¬†The hemp was not the easiest to work with and I couldn’t find decent colors at Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby. But I found some beautiful blue dyed hemp on Amazon that I will order to make a second hat. This second one I’m going to change just a little bit and make an area to thread a ribbon in between the sets of stars.

That’s about it for my project update. I have some other items I do want to start to make and post about (my purple hat and matching scarf for one), but I really want to at least finish the afghan and then the shawl before I start anything else, even if I do have the yarn in my stash. Plus, I found a pattern in the new Vogue Knitting I really want to try as well. . .and then there are more items I want to sew when it cools down. . . maybe get some beading back out again. . . Yes, I have a lot of things I would like to do!

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