Quick Knitting Update

May 17, 2016

I’ve been working on my KAL shawl, but also on my cardigan. The good news is that I’m almost done with my cardigan! I’ll have a complete update on that once it is done blocking and I’ve sewn the last bits together. And now that the knitting part of the cardigan is done, I’ve gone back to my shawl. Since it is a knit-along, I’ve been following the posts on the Raverly group. Sadly though, the knitters are quite a bit farther along than I am, so I’m hesitant to post. For the pattern, one completes one pass of the chart #1 once, then two passes of the chart #2¬†as the shawl naturally gets wider and wider. There are four skeins of yarn used. I’ve finished the first chart, and I’m still on my first skein of yarn! I do have a picture of my progress to that point at least.



And here is a picture that shows it spread out a bit better.



And I’m actually on row six of the chart #2, but that’s it. It’s kind of funny though that I did have time to sew (a bit on that in a later post), but not knit as much. I was going to say that I’m a little odd in my crafts, but I don’t think so. I think I’m rather logical. For knitting, I like to knit when I’m sitting outside at lunch during a work day, or when my husband is watching a television show that I kind of like, but don’t need to look up and see the action very often. For those, I can work on knitting items like the shawl above (or the one pictured below that I finished a while ago, but was trying out some new picture poses!).

20160506_182807When I’m watching sports, I need to look up often, so I’ll work on an easy blanket or a pattern like the cardigan when I was just doing long rows of stocking stitches.

But when I have a block of free time, like the weekend once in a while, I like to do something in my new art room like sewing or beading that I have to fully concentrate on in one location. For those times though, I enjoy listening to my various podcasts. So this last weekend I had enough free time that I actually sat down at my sewing machine and made a dress for my youngest granddaughter (and did a bit of beading on the front). So, not a lot of knitting time.

All that said, I have picked up my shawl again and I am going to try and get through the majority of the first pass through chart #2 so I can post on the Raverly site. And if I am able to spend that much time knitting, but not making much progress, I *may possibly* still post on the site that at least I’ve been knitting, but not as fast as the other knitters. I just would like some progress to be made so I’m not posting an, “I meant to knit on the shawl, but didn’t so I really have nothing to post” post!

I’ve also noticed, as I went back through to proof my post, that I do not sit still very well. If I’m watching television, my hands need to be doing something. Even when I’m between projects, I’ll play solitaire on my phone when I’m watching a show. And when I’m concentrating on a craft project, I’ll play a talk show in the background. I’m fond of quite a few from NPR, but there are quite a few shows that I enjoy listening to. I even used to listen to talk shows when I ran (I’ve been told that’s really odd), but lately I run with my family. So now it’s music in the background, and talking to whoever is next to me at the time. It’s either of my daughters – they rotate between pushing the running stroller and having a break – or my husband. I have Zeus on a leash, so I don’t take a turn pushing the stroller. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!


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