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Shawl Bummer

August 21, 2013

I finished knitting my circular shawl and was getting ready to block it, when I realized it’s too small. I did a proper gauge, and everything was fine. I do remember measuring the middle part and saying it was a bit small. But both of my girls reminded me that it’s a lacy pattern and will block out to the right size. Or so I thought. Here is the middle part.

Middle section of the shawl.

It wasn’t too far off, so I thought everything would be okay. Then I started the outside circle. It wasn’t that the stitches were difficult, but they were time consuming. It is a pattern repeat of four rows. One of the rows has you winding the yarn around the needle three times before knitting 18 stitches. The next row has you taking those stitches off the needle, to leave a longer stitch, then put them back on and do a six stitch cable three times. That helped to do the longer outside of the circle. The middle part had a one side knit, the other side k3tog then <knit one, yo, knit one> in the next stitch. I had to either have my contacts out, or my reading glasses on to see clearly to pick up the proper number of stitches. Here is a picture of the outside section.

Outside edge of shawl.

The whole experience would have been worth it, if it was the right size! There was no way this outside edge would block to the size it’s supposed to be. Having my husband say it looks like a rug, and others say I could use it was a table cloth just bummed me out more.

I ended up putting it in a bag for a couple of weeks to mourn the loss of the project. It’s been time enough now, that I took it out, took these pictures, then unwound the whole thing! I am not letting the nice yarn go to waste. My next step will be to carefully write out the yarn type, needle size and how much I have and then start looking for another good pattern to use. I’m not sure I have enough for a blouse (even a shell), but I’ll see. If I don’t, I may find a pattern that requires two similar yarns and try that. Or, I may get creative and make up my own pattern using two complimenting yarns. I’m not sure yet. But I want all of the information of what I have neatly written down and placed in my purse so that every time I find a pattern I think I may want to use I don’t have to pull out the yarn and figure out what and how much I have.

In the meantime I did finish the afghan for my daughter and a hat for myself (purple). I have a picture here of the afghan, but I haven’t taken one of the hat yet. My plan is to make a matching scarf with some purple ribbon yarn I bought and the leftover hat yarn. Once I figure out what to do with that, I’ll take some pictures!

Heather's afghan.

I had put the afghan nicely on my bed to take a picture, and Zeus promptly got up on it. He just loves blankets of all types. I should have taken a picture of it the full length, since it fits over the sides of a Queen size bed and is over six feet tall, but I was running late to go meet her that day and I really wanted to bring her the afghan. I know, it was 100 degrees out that day and she probably won’t need it for a few months yet, but I wanted her to have it since it is her housewarming gift and she moved in four months ago!

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