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May 27, 2013

I’ve been working the last few weeks on socks. I did a couple of pairs for my Mom for Mother’s Day. Then I started working on some socks for my Dad with yarn my Mom bought me (because he’s worn through almost all of his hand made socks), and I have yarn I just bought to make my Dad socks for Father’s Day (yes, even though I’m making a couple of pairs with the yarn given to me, he would like more pairs for Father’s Day with yarn I picked out). I have actually finished three pairs now, and am working hard on the fourth pair. I also bought some great yarn yesterday for the two pairs for Father’s Day, but I haven’t started on those yet. These last couple of weeks have been very, very busy and I’ve just come home and crashed, knitted socks, watched some television, and started reading again. I have so many projects that I am excited to work on, and I’ll get to those. I have yarn for a scarf, a headband (no, I don’t wear them, but this pattern was too cute to pass up), the afghan I’m making for my youngest daughter and the shawl I’m making. And yes, I almost bought more yarn for another project when I was sock yarn shopping, but I didn’t! I’m quite proud of ┬ámy control.

Now, you would think with all of the knitting I’ve been doing that I would have a ton of pictures. . . but I don’t! I was going to wait to post until I took some nice pictures, but I figured that may be a while. And today is the first day in two weeks that I’ve had my computer on at home, so I figured I would post a little catch up and then hopefully have pictures and more to post by next weekend. By then I should have finished (and taken pictures of) at least one more pair of socks, maybe some work on my dress our blouse that I was sewing, pictures and news from the beer festival we went to on Saturday, and of course more nail pictures! Believe it or not, I’ve only done one manicure each week and just did touch ups to last. I know June will be better!

Zoya Yara - 2 coats!

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