Sweater Bummer

September 12, 2013

I should know better, but I didn’t pay attention. I was knitting along on the sweater for my Mom’s birthday, and I read “Work 7 rnds in patt,” as seven repeats of the pattern before decreasing. Mind you, this is the sweater arm I am knitting, and it doesn’t occur to me to double check the pattern. Nope, I’m watching football, knitting away, and starting the decreases after I do seven pattern repeats. The pattern also states, “Work as est until sleeve measures 13″. . .” You would think I’d pay better attention. But no, I just kept on knitting until I have at least two more decrease rounds to go, and then I realize the arm is too long! I measure it, and yes, it’s already to 21″!!


See how long that is! Here is a picture of it compared to the body of the sweater:


And that’s before I start the 3″ of ribbing at the edge. I tried it on. I tried to push the sleeve up to see if it could just be a bit slouchy. Nope, it did not look even partially right. Since this is a gift, and otherwise turning out really nice, I took that whole darned sleeve out! Almost two hanks of yarn came undone last night. I took it out until a few rows before I added the extra stitches under the arm to close the opening, and then I put a need through all of the stitches as best as I could. I then carefully took the yarn out and tinked as necessary to get the sleeve back to the beginning and at an obvious part in the pattern. Then I was still reading the pattern wrong. I couldn’t seem to get over the “work 7 rnds in patt,” to be anything except the pattern repeats. So, I figured out how many rows would be in the 13″, what it should decrease to, and how often I should do the decrease. Yes, I redid the work of the pattern. I was so proud of myself and the time I spent doing that. Of course, as I picked up my needles and started knitting, I was counting the pattern repeats on each row to be sure I had it correct. . . and yes. . . it was seven. That’s when I had my “ah-ha” moment and realized that the “work 7 rnds in patt,” meant seven pattern repeats on each row, now seven full pattern repeat (which consists of eight rows).

I’m happy to say that I have now ┬ácompleted two-thirds of the sleeve and it is looking more like a regular sleeve. I hope to finish that sleeve and at least part of the other one tomorrow night. Then maybe I can do the edging on Saturday and have it actually done by Sunday afternoon. One can hope, right?!

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