Mindfulness, Running

Mindfulness and Running

March 25, 2017

Mindfulness and Running

When I hear the words “mindfulness” and “running” together, I think about running and meditation. Going on a run, and being in the zone or working through problems to come up with some great solutions. But that’s not what mindfulness really is. It’s about being mindful of where you are now. At least my interpretation of it is.

I have been working on my meditation and mindful thinking for the past few months now. I’m trying to not section out that part of my life, but to bring mindful thinking to every day living. It’s not always easy, but it’s a process and I’m making progress.

Take for example the picture above. I was in the middle of my run, taking a break before heading up that hard hill. Instead of worrying about running that hill, I decided to take a few minutes to appreciate my surroundings and take stock of myself. And I’m glad I did!

As I was taking in the sights and sounds, I caught these two looking out at me from the bottom of a garage door.

You may have to enlarge the picture to see them, but there are two little dogs just watching me from the bottom of the garage door. That made me smile, and made it worth taking my phone out of my arm band to get a picture of that.

Today’s Take Away

If I had not taken the time to be mindful of that moment, I would have missed the dogs. It gave me such a smile, and sense of happiness, and I took that with me up the beginning of that hard hill. Now I’m not saying that it made the hill easier to run physically, but it did mentally. So instead of being upset at a stop in progress, it helped me once I started again. That’a a good take away for me!

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